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Pet friendly

Muddy Walkies

If you’re planning a trip to Mid Wales but are unsure what to do with your faithful four legged companion, then why not bring them with you.

We dont just mean dogs and horses...
We suggest you check with your accommodation provider before you hop in the car, just to make sure that youre allowed to bring Sid the snake,  but we know that in at least one of our caravan parks it’s not unsual to see "Warren", a pet rabbit, out on his morning constitution with his lead glinting in the sun.
There’s a field where a man brings his birds of prey to exercise and flap their wings, and there’s one or two city cats that have packed up their bowls and taken a trip to the countryside on a little weekend break.


 We have a selection of accommodation waiting to open their doors (and in some cases stables) for you.
More walks than you can shake or throw a stick at and some of the best bridleways you’ll ever have galloped on.



If Rover still isn’t quite convinced that the bright lights in the night skies of Mid Wales are for him...well, dont just take our word for it...

try playing him Mid Wales Maddie's Way, maybe she can convince him.



Enjoy a long paws with us and your furry friend.
We look forward to finding out what #MidWalesMyWay means to both of you.






Upcoming events

  • Date: 
    Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Friday, March 31, 2017


    Discover how the Heritage Lottery Fund has helped form partnerships to invest £3 million to conserve and enhance the Elan Estate and local communities.

  • Date: 
    Saturday, February 25, 2017

    Annual Rorke's Drift Concert

    Over 100 young musicians in glorious harmony. Fantastic entertainment in the 20th year of the ever popular event featuring cadet force musicians from across the United Kingdom joined by the Fanfare Team and members of the Welsh Guards Band.