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Beer, whisky and wine


Pour yourself a drink in Mid Wales and prepare for a taste of the unexpected.


OK, it’s no great surprise that we brew our very own local and authentic Welsh beers. These days they say that every valley in Wales has a microbrewery attached. But in Mid Wales we don’t just have brewers. We have brewsters too.


That’s the name for women who make beer. There are only a handful in the UK and Mid Wales has two of them – Pam Honeyman of Monty’s Brewery in Montgomery and Sue Hayward from the Waen Brewery in Llanidloes.


Welsh wine may be growing in reputation but it’s still a bit of a shock to find grapes growing as far north as Penarth Vineyard on the banks of the River Severn near Newtown. Thanks to the unique micro-climate of Montgomeryshire, their sparkling wines are giving the French a real run for their money.


And maybe Scotland has had things its own way for too long in the world of single malt whisky. The Penderyn Distillery, in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, is “the best little distillery in Wales”.


In fact it’s the only distillery in Wales. And the team there make the smoothest “wysgi” on Earth. Not to mention gin, cream liqueur – and vodka. After all, if they’re taking on the Scots they might as well have a crack at the Russians.

Beer My Way


“Men are hidebound by traditional ways of doing things but women have no preconceptions. We just do things that work – we use flavours that go together, not those that are supposed to go together. The innovation appeals to people.”

Sue Hayward, Waen Brewery, Llanidloes