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Crack shots, the sort of people who could take off a fly’s eyebrows at 50 paces, know all about the beautiful shooting grounds of Mid Wales. 


But don’t worry if you don’t quite fit into this category. We’re just as welcoming if you’re not entirely sure which end of the gun to hold. 


Or, come to that, if you’d prefer to leave our pheasant, partridge and wild duck alone and concentrate purely on pigeons made of clay.


Five-thousand-acre Stanage Castle near Knighton, for instance, provides some of the best game bird shooting in Britain. But when instructor Martin Pitt of Classic Clays takes you to famous drives like Vimy Ridge, Weston, The Rocks and Holloway Oaks, it’s all a simulation. And no less exciting for that.


Mid Wales Shooting Centre near Caersws may have hosted world, British, Welsh and English championships over the years but its qualified instructors take just as many novice lessons as masterclasses.


And at Woodland Park Shooting Ground, the setting between the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons is so lovely it provides even crack shots with the perfect excuse for a missed target. All that ancient woodland would distract anyone.