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Lake Vyrnwy contains 13 million gallons of water. You can walk or cycle all the way around it and you can watch some of Britain’s rarest birds from the hides scattered along the shoreline. But that’s not enough for some people. 


They don’t just want to look at all that water. They want to make a splash. Which is why you’ll find them sailing dinghies and fishing boats, paddling kayaks or Canadian canoes and scudding up and down on windsurf boards.


It’s much the same story at Llangorse Lake, the largest natural stillwater in South Wales, except they throw in a bit of water skiing too.


You can shoot the rapids of the River Usk on the Beacons Water Trail between Brecon and Talybont or canoe down the beautiful River Wye, which is navigable for more than 100 miles.


Not that you have to go quite that far, of course. Or even paddle against the current. Wye Valley Canoes of Glasbury will lend you a canoe and pick you up from wherever you end up downstream, hours or even days later. 


If even that sounds a bit too much like hard work, just hire a narrowboat on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal and watch the world drift by at three miles per hour. Because messing about in boats isn’t just for adrenalin junkies.


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“The Monmouthsire and Brecon Canal passes through some of the most quietly stunning landscapes in Britain. My favourite region of all, but then I am biased.”

Horatio Clare, Daily Telegraph