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This is Mid Wales – home of original thinkers. A place where you can generally expect the unexpected. But we’ll let you into a little secret.


We love a really good male voice choir  and in Côr Meibion Aberhonddu, we have one of the very best around. When those gentlemen start belting it out, we guarantee the hairs on the back of your neck will stand to attention.


They’ve sung at the Royal Albert Hall, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and at Adelina Patti’s exquisite private theatre at Craig-y-Nos.


But you can catch up with them for free every Friday night when they rehearse at Llanfaes primary school in Brecon. There had to be a twist somewhere.


Music might be part of our DNA, ut it’s not all male voice choirs and colliery brass bands (as much as we love them). You’re more likely to hear big festival acts, jazz legends, prestigious string quartets or even, as on one memorable occasion at Sheep Music in Presteigne, a 10-piece marching funk band from South America.


We do seem to attract world-class musicians to the unlikeliest spots. Led Zeppelin, for example, wrote their most famous song in Mid Wales. And we still think they should have called it “Stairway to Machynlleth”.