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Llaneglwys Circular Ride





Ordnance Survey Maps:

Landranger: 146/147

Explorer: 188

Route Grade: ?

NB. The northern part of this ride crosses a high upland common where the path is indistinct on the ground. It is best not to use it in misty weather unless you are equipped with a compass. 


Parking and Starting Point

Parking is available by kind permission of the landowners and their managers, Prior and Ricketts Silviculture, in a small car park at the picnic area on the side of the road running south from Llaneglws. It is about 1 mile to the south-west of Llaneglwys, near the edge of the forestry. (Grid reference SO 0565 3791). The nearest public toilets are at Erwood or Talgarth.


Route Description.

From the car park turn left and ride along the road going away from Llaneglwys. Take the bridleway on the right after around 440 yards. Go through the gate into the field, follow the track alongside the fence and enter the forestry through the gate ahead. Follow the forestry track straight on for around 660 yards, looking out for a waymark post on the left indicating a smaller path into the trees. (Grid reference SO 0464 3748). Ride along this path through the trees, and after a few hundred yards the track leads to a gate into a field. The bridleway drops gradually downhill diagonally across the field, and joins a track running next to a fence. Keep along the track, which runs downhill through a number of gates to meet a tarmaced road at Coygen. (Grid reference SO 0409 3701).

Keep on this narrow metalled road, passing through two gates next to cattle grids. Shortly after the second gate, opposite Ty Newydd Farm, is a fingerpost indicating a bridleway on a tree-lined, unsurfaced track going uphill. (Grid reference SO 0328 3632). Go through the gate and follow the path, which turns sharply to the right at the top of the hill. Ride along this wide path, through scattered trees. Near the end of the trees, look for a gate on the left with a waymark indicating the line of the bridleway (Grid reference SO 0331 3666); go through this gate into the field, and ride straight ahead, alongside the fence which is now on your right hand side.

The bridleway soon meets a well-maintained farm track. Keep riding straight ahead, going gradually uphill and passing through a number of gates. At the top of the hill, the track drops down through several more gates to the edge of the forestry. (Grid reference SO 0400 3756). There are fine views from here over the Brecon Beacons to the south.

Go through the gate and follow the grassy path alongside the plantation, and in due course turn left onto the forestry track that this path joins. After a short distance, there is a junction and a fingerpost indicating another grass track on the left. (Grid reference SO 0441 3816).  For those wishing to do a shorter ride, continue straight ahead on the main forestry track, which starts to go gently downhill, until after about half a kilometre the track with the white waymark at grid reference 0462 3866, described below, is reached on the right .This leads back to Llaneglwys.

Follow the grass track with the plantation on your right. The path soon goes through a gate into a wide, long field, and goes downhill. Look out for a waymark indicating a bridlegate on the right; go through this and continue to follow the bridleway, which now runs close to the trees. Soon, there is a gate on your left with a waymark. Go through this gate, and turn immediately to the right; the bridleway now runs uphill with the fenceline on your right hand side.Keep straight ahead, alongside the forestry, to the edge of the plantation, at grid reference SO 0326 3989. There is a waymark post here.

Carry on going straight uphill on the common, on the fairly faint track, for ⅔ of a mile. The path is high and exposed; look out for the waymark post near the top of the hill, at grid reference SO 0289 4086.

At the waymark post turn to the north-north-east, across the common to the right. The bridleway you are following at this point is very indistinct on the ground, and a compass will prove handy. In misty weather this path will be hard to see. After a while, as you go gently downhill, the path becomes gradually more clear on the ground, and eventually becomes a  grassy track. Follow the track downhill, as it becomes steeper. Keep on the main track ahead until a wall is reached on the left, with a waymark post on the right indicating the line of bridleway going downhill across the common. Take this, and after a short distance a good, sound farm track is met. (Grid reference SO 0493 4137). 

Follow this track, as it passes through a number of gates and the farmyard of Fforest. After the farm it becomes a narrow tarmac road going uphill. Keep on to the road junction at the top. (Grid reference SO 0563 4113).

Go straight ahead here, onto the track onto the common. After a few yards, bear off on the adjoining track on the right, and keep going uphill until a junction of paths is reached with a three-way fingerpost. Take the well-defined track leading across the common to the right, which goes gently uphill. Keep straight on ahead, and after about ⅔ of a mile the bridleway joins a track leading to the forestry ahead. 

Go through the gate at the edge of the plantation. (Grid reference SO 0491 4040). Follow the wide forestry track straight ahead. Keep on this main track for 1¼ miles, ignoring the other tracks which join it as it goes downhill, then uphill again, to where a white waymark indicates a grass track on the left. Take this track, which goes along the edge of the plantation and is high above the fields in the valley below. 

The track soon turns to the left and goes downhill, continuing along the edge of the plantation. Keep straight on at the bottom, again keeping the plantation on your right as the bridleway goes uphill again. It joins a tarmac road at the top. (Grid reference SO 0592 3840).  Riders wishing to return to the car park without doing the remaining 2½ miles of this ride may turn to the right, and follow the road for about 660 yards back to the car park.

Turn left, and follow the road downhill. As you come to the houses, take the signposted track on the right. (Grid reference SO 0620 3856).  This is a hard surfaced track leading after a while into a plantation. Look out for a waymark showing a smaller track on the left, going slightly downhill. Take this, go through the gate beyond, go over the ford at the bottom, and follow the fairly narrow, rough track, passing through the gates, as it winds uphill, with fields on either side. The path straightens out, and runs alongside another plantation on your right, to a gate at the top and another track at the junction a few metres ahead. Here, turn left and after 44 yards or so is a tarmac road. (Grid reference SO 0730 3796).

Turn right onto the road, and follow it, and go past a cottage and through the gate next to the cattle grid. Here, on the left, just after the cattle grid, is a straight narrow road going uphill. Take this, and after a few metres there is a signpost on the right showing a public bridleway over the common. (Grid reference SO 0732 3762).  Head up the hill to the right, following the grassy track across the common. At the top of the hill, turn right onto another track, which runs across the common and then drops gradually downhill to meet the road. (Grid reference SO 0707 3704).

Turn right and go along the road for a short way until you come to the fingerpost on the left indicating a bridleway over the common. Take this, and keep to the waymarked track at the points where it is joined by other paths. It runs across the open common, and for a short while alongside a plantation on the right. The track comes to a gate into a field; go through this, and the next gate, to a road. (Grid reference SO 0545 3749). The car park is then a short distance along the road to the right.



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