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Archaeology and geology


We’re very proud of our rocks in Mid Wales. So we were delighted when 300 square miles of the Brecon Beacons National Park was designated as the Fforest Fawr European Geopark – the very first in Wales.


You might think this only matters to keen geologists who can tell their carboniferous limestone from their Silurian siltstone. But you’d be wrong.


This isn’t just about rocks. It’s about people too. For thousands of years we’ve been using our rocks to construct mysterious standing stones, Iron Age hillforts, Roman roads and Norman castles. Not forgetting the dry stone walls on our hillsides.


We really got busy during the Industrial Revolution. We built quarries, mines and limekilns to exploit our rich geological resources – and the canals, tramroads and railways to transport them.


You can still see these archaeological monuments. You can ride our steam railways and sail our scenic canals. And you can experience some of the most remarkable rocky landscapes in Europe.


Not just our many mountains, although they’re the obvious place to start. Try the Waterfall Country around Pontneddfechan, where fast-flowing rivers have worn away the mudstone to leave a series of spectacular falls. Or the immense underground limestone caves at Dan-yr-Ogof – voted the greatest natural wonder in Britain.