Coedway/Crew Green Circular Trail

Coedway/Crew Green Circular Trail


The walk starts and finishes at the stile opposite the Hand and Diamond Public House and can be completed as a whole or in part by taking short cuts back along other rights of way. With your back to the Public House, climb the peculiar stile over the stone wall and proceed across the field towards the pedestrian gate. Pass through and cross the next field to another gate. After this gate the path angles gently to the far right of the cropped field and joins the entrance track to Pentre farm. Bear left to follow it towards the house. Just before the gateway into the farm garden, turn left through the pedestrian gate and follow the hedge to the field gate on the right. Pass through and turn left over the small gated boardwalk and follow the way-marking towards the next way-mark post near the River Severn. Bear left along the riverbank and pass through the next gate continuing just above the Severn. Cross the wooden footbridge into the grounds of the caravan park and stay on course below the ornamental lake until the far end where a fingerpost guides the walker to the field just above the steep wooded banks of the river. Pass through the series of gates along the field edge above the woods then down through a small copse onto the level ground and head to pass under the metal structure of Melverley road bridge. Here the route joins the Severn Way and, passing the confluence of the River Vyrnwy, continues through a series of gates and gaps with way-mark posts and a wooden bridge - mostly along the rivers edge but twice cutting the corners of the Severn’s meanderings. As the path rejoins the river for the second time, passing through a pedestrian gate near a large tree, it continues just above the flood plain to a final gate before turning away from the Severn Way as guided left by a way-mark post near some old stone remains. Follow the route through two field gates and follow the track around the edge of the old quarry. This leads to a locked field gate with a pedestrian gate to the side leading onto a stone track which is followed to the main road ahead. Cross the main road and bear left along the pavement to the next junction and turn right as indicated by the fingerpost. The route now follows this road zig-zagging uphill for about 500 metres as guided by fingerposts and way-mark posts until it enters a track up to the left. Follow this track as it passes gently downhill for 600 metres until it descends to a house. (The Fir Tree Inn is a two minute walk down the track to the left at this point). Following the circular route, turn right down the narrow bridleway then right again through a bridleway gate and alongside the small stream which is shortly crossed via a culvert. Following the way-marks, climb the steep bank and bear slightly to the right and, joining the hedgerow, continue up to the timber bridleway gate in the top right corner of the field. Enter the woodland and continue up hill to the next gate and turn left along the minor road. Follow this road across and down the hill, for a total distance of 740 metres until it meets with the main road. Turn right and walk along the pavement for 600 metres until a track on the left takes the route up and to the left of a cottage. Pass through the field gate and bear right along the hedgerow to the next gate and pass through. Continue through the next gates and over a boardwalk. After the boardwalk turn half right towards the pedestrian gate and back towards the stile opposite the Hand and Diamond Public House. An alternative route could also be commenced at the Firtree Inn from where, with a short walk down to Melverley road bridge, it is possible to follow the second half of the route only. Just before the bridge drop down to the stile on the right and turn left under the bridge along the Severn Way.

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