Knighton and Cwm Ifor Dingle Walk

Knighton and Cwm Ifor Dingle Walk


From Knighton Clock Tower go down Broad Street and take the Ludlow Road out of Knighton. Just past the school turn right and follow the road through the housing estate. At the start of the road called “The Dingle” go up the track ahead. (1)At the top of the track join the road and in 10 yrds turn right over the stile and go ahead with the fence to your right. At the corner cross the stile and turn left onto the track infron of you. CAUTION this area may be boggy. Cross a stile and walk forwards with the stream to your right below you. Cross the bridge and turn left along the stream. (2) After the rocky outcrop cross the stile and turn left onto the Knighton, Presteigne Road. Cross over the bridge and turn left into the farm drive, turn immediately before the first farm building and enter the gate to your left. Follow the fence to your left, which soon turns left. At the ditch turn right and at the next corner turn left through the gate in front of you, Continue with the hedge to your right, after 50 yds commence through the gate in the corner. Turn left onto a broad track, when the track bends to the right go through the gate ahead and continue through the next four fields with the hedge to your left to reach a lane. Turn left downhill for ¾ mile to pass the point where you turned off earlier and retrace your earlier steps into Knighton.

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