Presteigne: The Rock Bridge Walk

Presteigne: The Rock Bridge Walk


Presteigne Post Office Follow the High Street with its array of useful and intriguing shops. Passing the Radnorshire Arms and the Service Station turning left up Warden Road, with caution crossing first the by-pass and Castle Road estate access pursuing Warden Road for a further 60 yards to enter The Warden at a handgate on the right, signed 'Picnic Area'. A made-path curves gently leftwards around the base of the Norman bailey and ringwork. Watch to keep ahead, as the popular perambulation continues In a circuit, passing down a green path by the bungalow Welsh Gate to a hand-gate rejoining Warden Road. Go right, as the road begins to dip find a stile in the hedge on fight. Entering a pasture, with a pond on left, wend down beside the stream to a stile beyond, then after some 60 yards clamber over a stile beneath a mature oak, cross the subsequent plank and stile into path fenced off from the pasture. This leads down to the road (1). Go Immediately left entering the adjacent field via the gate. Walk up the middle of the field to a gateway, entering the next pasture, where hedges converge, follow the fence then hedge on the fight to a stile. Traverse the ensuing open pasture maintaining direction to a metal gate and continue with the fence right beneath a pasture bank, passing a remnant hedge where the path dips to slightly lower alignment of hedge on St Mary's Hill. Cross a fence stile contouring, where the hedge line falls right, to a metal gate, continue to a sweeping corner (2). Cross the stile passing below the solitary oak and follow a green way which becomes a track descending to the stile beside the cattle-grid entrance to Gumma Farm. Turn fight, along the road passing Rock House. Turn left over Rock Bridge spanning the Lugg and follow the 84356 Whitton road, turning right onto the minor road, bearing into the bridle-lane at Lower Ackhill (brick house). In due course, pass through a lane gate, the track, briefly leads to a second gate into pasture, continue with the hedge right to metal gate. Cross an often dry ditch, the old hedge-line guides on, where a hedge resumes keep it to the right (3), passing a willow marsh to a metal gate. Rising to a bridlegate into woodland, advance with the fence left to a metal gate. Thereafter proceeding to a metal gate, the track is prone to mud, advance to a further gate onto the 84356 Norton road. Go right downhill remember to face oncoming traffic with such a narrow verge. Draw into the lay-by and subsequent old road to Boultibrooke Bridge, notice the road width and the carriage-stones protecting the parapet (4). After a bungalow with a formal garden, cross the main road and walk through the car park to the kissing-gate, entrance to the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust's Wentes Meadow and Withybeds Nature Reserve. Interpretative boards and well-graded paths make this site accessible to all. You may like to bear left from the Initial pond to accompany the River Lugg, though that is short lived, the path curves right crossing a plank footbridge over the frequently dry mill-race and subsequent steps The prime route keeps right, above the meadow, to a kissing-gate, here uniting with the reserve path, leading on to pass the Old Mill House and blue town fingerpost, directing to the 'Town Centre' and 'Judge's Lodging' Advance along Mill Lane ignoring the first road right passing under West Wall bearing right up St David’s Street passing the Old Manor House and Bull Hotel and turning left to complete the walk down the High Street.

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