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Warm coats and woollen hats, Toffee apples sticking to your teeth, marshmallows turning a golden brown as they caramelise  on the fire before you, two gloved hands cwtching the mug of hot chocolate closer, bursts of light dance in the heavens , the smell of a roaring fire and a cacophony of explosions in the night sky

There is something about watching fireworks flying off into the sky and exploding before your eyes that remains magical no matter what your age.


But, its not magical for everyone..

While many look forward to Bonfire Night, others are filled with anxiety in the lead up to it.

Reports from the RSPCA , estimate that around 62% of dogs, 54% of cats and 55% of horses show signs of distress during firework displays.

Loud noises and sudden flashes of bright light can startle farm animals and cause them to injure themselves on fencing and farm equipment.

The RSPCA has produced some helpful advice for those planning fireworks display to limit the impact of fireworks on pets, horses and other livestock which can be found at

Fireworks can also leave vulnerable people feeling scared and anxious and trigger the symptoms of people with PTSD.

Here are some tips to stay responsible:

  • Attend an organised display instead of holding your own

  • Buy fireworks from a registered retailer, ensure they carry the CE mark

  • Consider using low noise fireworks as they can reduce the stress that is normally caused by loud fireworks where animals as well as people who suffer with PTSD are concerned

Please remember these considerations not just on Bonfire Night but at any other time throughout the year when you might be planning to set off fireworks.

You can find resources to download and support firework safety at

Father and Daughter with Sparkler

Places to watch Fireworks 

5th November 2022


Presteigne Fireworks Display - Parade leaves from the recycling centre at 6:15pm

Fireworks 6:45 pm at Wents Meadow


Builth Road - Community field 6:30pm


Llanfyllin Workhouse Firework Display 6:30pm


Glasbury Fireworks - River Wye Activity Centre 5pm


Elan Valley - Elan Village Green TBC


Llanidloes - Kennel Fields 6:30pm


Machynlleth Lantern Procession and Fireworks 6:30pm

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