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Horse Riding

Horse Riding 

We have some pretty spectacular views in Mid Wales. But probably the best view of all is from horseback.


It’s certainly a great way to cover the ground if you want to see as much of our 2,000 square miles as possible. Our Welsh Cobs keep going when even mountain bikers are wondering wistfully about the nearest pub.


Just as well. Some of our trails and bridleways are nothing short of epic. The Great Dragon Ride, the daddy of them all, passes through Mid Wales on its 293-mile journey from the north to the south coast of Wales. 


The Epynt Way runs in a great circle to enclose the 30,000 acres of wild moorland, forest and meadows that make up Mynydd Epynt.


And the Trans Wales Trail of Cwmfforest Riding Centre at Talgarth traverses Wales east to west – crossing the windswept Cambrian Mountains to finish with a gallop on the beach near Aberystwyth. 


You’ll feel like a cowboy. Except you get to stay in cosy country inns along the way. No wonder The Guardian named it in their Top 10 Riding Holidays Around the World.


Don’t worry if you’re not quite ready for this sort of adventure. Our riding and trekking centres cater for all ages and abilities – or lack of ability. They’ll guide you through our forests, out onto the mountains or along some of the quiet lanes and bridleways.


And at the end of the trails you can rest your limbs in one of our equestrian-friendly farmhouses and B&Bs. Your horse can stay too. In fact, he probably deserves it more than you do.


Countryside Bridleways:

These well-maintained paths wind through rolling hills, meadows, and woodlands, providing a peaceful and unhurried way to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Explore Historic Trails:

Discover bridleways with historical significance, where each ride becomes a journey through the rich heritage of Powys. Canter along ancient paths and follow in the hoofprints of those who have traversed these routes for generations.

Canal-side Rides:

Experience the unique charm of Powys by riding along scenic canal-side bridleways. The Montgomery and Brecon canals offer delightful routes where you can enjoy the serene waters and picturesque surroundings on horseback. These paths provide a peaceful and leisurely way to absorb the beauty of the region.

Bridleways near Lakes:

Saddle up for a ride near the stunning lakes of Powys, such as Lake Vyrnwy and Elan Valley. Bridleways near these shimmering bodies of water offer breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere. Whether you're a solo rider or exploring with friends, these paths provide a perfect backdrop for an idyllic horseback adventure.


Equestrian Facilities and Accommodations:

Powys caters to horse enthusiasts with equestrian facilities and accommodations that welcome both riders and their four-legged companions. Plan your stay at horse-friendly establishments and explore the surrounding bridleways with the convenience of nearby facilities.

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