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Year of the Sea 2018

Year Of The Sea 2018 You’ve probably seen some of our posts by now with regard to #YearOftheSea… its the 2018 campaign from Visit Wales following on from last years Myths and Legends and the year before Find Your Epic Mid Wales isn’t renowned for its sandy beaches (saying that we do have at least part of a costal path… )the waters may not be as deep or greet you with crashing waves like the waters of Ceredigion or Swansea but the sights of the falling waters at élan valley or pistyll rhaydear will take your breath away just as easily. There are lakes with hidden depths and tales of monsters residing within them, there are magical pools held in bowls of rock in quiet spots of woodland, there are waterfalls you can walk behind, make wishes at and declare your love at. Theres water you can canoe on, sail on, ski on, splash cat and paddle boat on… watch ducks on, go fishing in, strap on a snorkel and bog snorkel in.. There are rivers that take you onto journeys from spa town to market town, from artistan paradises to towns of books, from 5 star restaurants to bustling tiny towns with more history in their shopping centres than you could shake a historians stick at. We might not have the sea… but all rivers lead there and we think we have everything else pretty much covered. For all of these reasons we are “epically” excited about Visit Wales theme of the year “Year Of The Sea” we see this as a chance for us in “even less likely to see a shark but sheep are pretty common land” to really show case all of the amazing inland waters we have here, but to do this properly we need your help… Every Wednesday on social media is now our “#WaterWednesday" where we will be posting photographs from around the county .. we would love it if more of you sent us in your images so that we could share them.. we want our visitors and followers to experience Mid Wales My Way and for that to really happen we need them to see the true Mid Wales and what better way to paint that picture than from the people out there living exploring and enjoying it. Fridays on Facebook and instagram are now our “#FollowFriday" where we will be picking one of our followers and showcasing their images on the rest of our social media channels, so if you fancy being famous or love a good “liking” of images then thats the place to post. We want this to be the year that everyone shouts about how brilliant Mid Wales is, and we want you to help us to do that, so talk to us … tell is us all about your #MidWalesMyWay

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