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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus Happy St Davids Day

‘Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do.’

The lasting maxim embraced by Wales, was taken from the last sermon that St David shared with his followers before he died on the 1st March in 589

Maybe this resonates with us so much as time exploring in Mid Wales encourages us to allow time to appreciate the little things, the small moments: The smell of the grass after a storm, the sound of the wind as it weaves a path amongst the leafy woods, the breathless wonderment of seeing for miles after climbing a mountain steeped in history and legend. The call of the red kite as it circles above head .. the communities and characters that make them, the embracing of the teeny tiny elements of a culture that become day to day and routine, like saying “ thanks drive” to the bus driver when you leave the vehicle.

It is the small moments, the little things that are most important…

‘Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd’

- ‘Do the little things in life’

St David Patron of Wales chose a heck of a place and day to be born.

St David was born in the year 500.

Even before his birth people spoke of him becoming a great spiritual leader, this was prophesied after a preacher found himself unable to preach in Non’s (St Davids mother) presence.

A local ruler was so fearful of the impact that this new great spiritual leader would have on his rulings that he plotted to have David killed.

On the day of his birth the weather was horrendous, terrible storms billowed around Wales and no one was able to safely venture outside. (foiling the plans of the Leader that had plotted to murder David)


Non was to be found giving birth on a clifftop during this horrific storm in an area bathed in heavenly light.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing,

The pain of the birth was so intense that Non grasped a nearby stone, and dug her fingers deep into the rock,..

The stone in sympathy for Nons pain… split itself into two.

Some time after David was born, St Non's Chapel was built to signify the importance of the event. It is said that the rock that Non split whilst birthing David is buried under the alter of the church and still shows her finger prints as they are impressed into the rock itself.

One of the most well known miracles associated with St David is the miracle that he performed at Llanddewi Brefi in Ceredigion.

A crowd had gathered in the village to hear him speak, the people at the back complained that they could not hear him,

As St David stood in-front of them the ground on which he stood rose up to form a hill to that he may be seen and heard by all in attendance.

Then shortly after, a white dove flew down from the heavens, sent by God, and settled on his shoulder.

St David was a teetotal, vegetarian .. in fact, it Is said that he only ate leeks and water, which some say is the reason that the leek became the symbol of Wales..

We have looked through many different recipes today and was going to just give you a link to some lovely Cawl Cenin

.. but, couldn’t bypass this Welsh Leek and Rarebit recipe as it also sounded delicious

We hope that you have a great St Davids day and enjoy the celebrations, if you’re looking for a way to “get your Welsh on” there are a few suggestions on the visit Wales site or Random Acts of Welshness here

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