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Man vs. Horse

Nestled in the heart of the Welsh countryside lies Powys, a region celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrain, and rich cultural heritage. It serves as the captivating backdrop for one of the most extraordinary events on the sporting calendar: Man vs. Horse.

A Test of Endurance and Determination

Man vs. Horse is an annual race that sets runners against riders in a thrilling test of endurance, stamina, and sheer grit. Originating in the picturesque town of Llanwrtyd Wells in Powys, this iconic event has captivated athletes and spectators alike since its inception in 1980.

Participants traverse a challenging course stretching approximately 22 miles through the rugged Welsh countryside. The first human to cross the finish line claims victory for Team Human, while the first horse and rider pair to finish secure the win for Team Equine.

The course itself is as awe-inspiring as it is demanding, guiding participants through some of Powys's most iconic landscapes. From steep hills and rocky trails to sprawling moorland and dense forests, each mile presents a new obstacle (and amazing view)

A Celebration

More than just a race, Man vs. Horse is a vibrant celebration that unites athletes, spectators, and local residents in a spirit of camaraderie and adventure. The streets of Llanwrtyd Wells come alive with anticipation as runners and riders alike gather to embrace the challenge of the rugged Welsh terrain.

While the competition between man and horse is central to the event, the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect prevails throughout. Participants push themselves to their limits, spurred on by the cheers of supporters lining the course and the knowledge that they are part of something truly extraordinary.

For spectators, Man vs. Horse offers an exhilarating spectacle that showcases the triumph of the human spirit against the backdrop of Powys's stunning scenery. Whether you're cheering from the sidelines or following the action online, the drama and excitement of the race are certain to leave a lasting impression.

Discover Llanwrtyd Wells and Beyond

While in Powys for Man vs. Horse, take the opportunity to explore the charming town of Llanwrtyd Wells and its surrounding attractions:

Llanwrtyd Wells: Discover the unique character of this quaint town, known for its welcoming atmosphere and quirky charm. Explore local shops, cafes, and historic landmarks, including the iconic red kite sculpture in the main square.

Outdoor Adventures: Embark on your own outdoor adventure in the surrounding countryside, with opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in the stunning landscapes of Powys.

Local Heritage: Immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of Llanwrtyd Wells at the Llanwrtyd and District Heritage and Arts Centre, where interactive exhibits and displays reveal the town's fascinating past.

Spa Heritage: Pay homage to Llanwrtyd's spa heritage with a visit to the original spa site, where a bubbling spring was discovered by the local vicar in the 18th century. Explore the riverside path and parkland beside the Irfon River, taking in the tranquil beauty of the surrounding countryside.


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