• Merv The Dragon

Meet Merv The MidWalesMyWay Dragon

Hi everyone I'm Merv, a thoroughbred Welsh Dragon… slightly smaller than your average, but what I don't have in size I make up for with personality.

The guys that picked me up from the forest asked me to keep track of my adventures and share them on here with you all, so here’s the first Mid Wales Merv’s Way.

It started off on a damp Monday morning, I’d been and showered underneath the cold fresh waters of Water-Break-It’s-Neck.

That’s when I first saw them … the humans that said I could go with them on a journey to see the rest of #Powys.

I hopped in the car and off we went along the A44, the music was loud and we sang along as we followed the winding road. We arrived at a campsite where we pitched our bright orange Mid Wales My Way tent, popped our walking boots on and went on an expedition …

First we went to visit Pistyll Rheaedr Waterfall, one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Wales’ with a higher drop than Niagara the views were impressive and the waters sprayed on my face as I stood watching the waters crash down in front of me.

We collected some stones from the water’s edge and took them back with us to the campsite, we painted them up with pictures of flowers and little images of the tents.

We toasted marshmallows on an open fire and watched the flames dance late into the night…(well past the normal bed time for a young dragon such as myself), the next day we went on an adventure hunt (we’ve added the download for you Here!)

With our pockets full of nature’s treasures we stopped for breakfast at Lake Vyrnwy and made stories up about the tower that we looked at across the lake, stories about trapped princesses and ogres that live deep within the forest …

After a walk around the lake and some more obligatory kicking of leaves, we hopped back into the car, fastened our seatbelt and headed towards a magical castle.

We parked in Montgomery and after a two minute stroll, there we were in front of Montgomery Castle. I asked a few questions about the history of the castle … who the King was and what had happened there. T’he guys I was with had an app that told us all about it called Trails Mid Wales that told us the Story of Two Kings and a whole lot more #MythsAndLegends in Mid Wales.

All too soon it was time to head home, time to #cwtch up and plan our next #MidWalesMyWay adventure.


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