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Race To The Sea with Carwyn

You may have heard by now that Saturday is the very first Race to The Sea - starting at Llangurig and completing by popping your (very warm i should imagine) toes into the sea in Aberystwyth.

The race can be completed in any manner you wish, be that walking, jogging, dancing, hopping or running the 50k to the seaside.

We wanted to know a little bit more about some of the entrants that are taking part in this years Race To The Sea, so we hopped onto Facebook and messaged the lovely Carwyn Price who is intending on RUNNING the 50k on Saturday and bombarded him with some of our questions,

Heres what he had to say...

How do you train for a 30 mile run?

I haven't trained as much as I'd have liked, but still managed to get a few long runs in. I have done some forestry and off road running too to improve my off-road running.

Are you planning on running the entire 30 miles ?

I'll try and run the whole thing but will probably end up walking some of the steeper hills so my legs can make it round the whole thing

How are you planning on relaxing after you have completed the 30 miles on Saturday

Planning on relaxing after by having some fish and chips, an ice cream and maybe something to drink

(Please Note: Mid Wales My Way is entirely supportive of this plan and has nodded enthusiastically at this part)

What weather conditions are you hoping for

I am hoping for dry, sunny weather with no wind, The weather forecast looks perfect at the moment

What inspires you to run

I like just getting for fresh air and enjoying the surrounding scenery and countryside, especially after being on the office all day.

I also like it to get fitter and healthier and to improve my race times.

To all of you that have signed up to complete the race on Saturday, we wish you all the best... stay safe, and hydrated, push yourself but not so much that you don't enjoy yourselves, take in the stunning scenery that is en route and we shall see you for the toe dipping, chip eating finale on the pier in Aberystwyth.


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