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Abbeycwmhir Community Trail

Abbeycwmhir Community Trail

Area: Abbeycwmhir

Distance: 8.2 Km or 5.1 miles

Difficulty: Moderate 

Duration:  3.5 hours


Brief Summary: Moderate walk through forestry and farmland. Some uneven terrain and one long, steady uphill section out of the village.

  • Description:

    This is a 5.1 mile walk from the centre of Abbeycwmhir making use of the local country lanes and rights of way network. A medium difficulty walk on some uneven terrain, with a long, steady uphill section out of the village. Strong walking boots are recommended.


    • With the Church directly behind you and the Happy Union in front, head to the right and take the footpath marked on the left hand side. Head through the wooden field gate and cross the stoned yard to the pedestrian gate. Pass through this and head straight across the field with the large forestry up in front.


    • Cross the gated bridge and head up the steep bank towards the fence on the edge of the forestry, pass through the pedestrian gate and follow the narrow path leading diagonally up to the right.


    • Follow the path along, for around 500 metres and then turn left at the path junction with a short steep section up onto the forestry road. 


    • Turn right and walk along the road for 20 metres, turn right and follow the grassy track. 


    • At the forestry road turn right and then almost immediately left, back off the road, follow the grassy path uphill. Cross over another forestry road after approximately 400 metres and then follow the track, straight ahead, to the boundary fence.


    • Turn right here and walk with the fence on your left hand side. 


    • Follow the way marked route along, and at the high point of the path, (marked by the remains of a cairn just inside the field) there is the opportunity to enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.


    • Carry on along the path keeping the fence on your left hand side, following the way markers.


    • At this way marked point turn right and head into the forest for approximately 35 metres, turn left onto the track and head out of the forest, passing through a bridle gate and onto the roadside.


    • Head on up the road to the top of the hill and turn right, off the road, through another gate, onto open farmland.


    • Cross the field, following the way marked route, through another field gate and down towards a farm track. Pass through another gate here and turn right onto the track. Follow the track all the way along, passing through a more gates.


    • Once out at roadside, head left down the road and back towards the village of Abbeycwmhir. The route stays on the local road all the way back into the village. 


    • At the road junction, keep to the right and pass with the farm buildings on your left hand side. Follow the road through the village and back to the Church.


    Your circular walk of Abbeycwmhir is complete.

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