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Alpine Bridge Walk

Alpine Bridge Walk

The start of this walk is at Llandbadarn Fawr. 

From Llandrindod Wells go north on the A483 for about three miles. Immediately after the bridge at Llanbadarn Fawr, turn right on the minor road where there is a lay – by. 


1 – From the lay-by continue along the minor road, with the river on the right. After about ½ a mile, where the road swings to the left at Treowgoed Mill, enter a field on the right, at a finger post. With the hedge on the right, cross two fields and after the second stile, bear slightly to the right to ford a stream. Go through the gate. Go up the bank towards the pylon ahead and turn right on the track to soon cross Alpine Bridge. 


2 – Go up a short rocky path and through a gate. Almost at once turn left through a field gate. Go downhill with the river now on your left. Follow the track which can sometimes be wet, and soon after a gate turn right at a way mark post. Go up the field, slightly to the right, on a faint track. Go through the gate at the top and continue on a grassy path. At the first fork keep left and soon join a track from the right. Keep on this path until the marker post at the next junction and then turn left downhill keeping the hedge on your right to the gate at bottom. 


3 – Enter Dol – Barcut wood and bear right to follow the path downhill to the stile into the field. Bear right to skirt the wet ground to soon cross a farm track and then keep to the left hand side of an old drainage ditch to the next stile. Maintain direction to cross a small stream and enter next field through a gateway with a redundant stile to the left. Continue ahead to cross a stile into a grassy lane. Go over to the stile opposite and aim for the first power line pole. At the hedge corner keep ahead to cross a stile into a rough field.


4 – Continue with the hedge on your left and after the next stile, follow the grassy path which before long goes down to the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. The first part of the path through the reserve is steep and stony and can be slippery. The latter part is mainly broad walk and where it forks either can be taken. Just before the exit gate, cross the stile on the right into the field (However, one can make a detour here over Shaky Bridge and up the path to visit the 14th Century St Micheal’s Church.) 


5 – Go up the field, skirting the depression on the right and head for the stile soon visible in the top fence. Have a breather and enjoy the view! Turn right up the road and, where it turns left, back to Llandrindod Wells, continue straight on towards a bungalow. Turn right on the track and shortly before some sheds, turn left through a small metal gate. Keep the hedge to the right and head up to the corner to enter the next field with the hedge now on your left. Continue to a field gate, which you ignore, bear right still keeping the hedge to your left to pass through a small metal gate in the corner. 


6 – Turn right on the road and follow this past a new house. Soon bear right through gates onto a green lane (if wet take to the field in places) Ignore the track on the left and continue along the lane through another gate, (with the field still as an alternative) Go through the next gate and swing right downhill and turn left on a well marked track. Follow this track and the second gate brings you to a farm. 


7- Take the gate opposite (in front of the farm house) and go left down the field to the lowest point, where there is a free standing oak tree. Behind the tree you will find a stile with steps leading down to the stream. Continue on the track to a second stile visible on the left. Go up the field bearing right to the tree line, and then through the gate in the top right hand side corner. Continue ahead to a stile leading to a farm track. Cross the track and go ahead to the next stile. Go down the slope and cross the field to the far corner, the river Ithon is now on your right, cross the stile and climb the steps up to the road. From the bridge make your way back to the start.

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