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Builth Wells: Banc y Celyn Walk

Builth Wells: Banc y Celyn Walk

Distance: 9.5 miles 

Duration: 4 ½ hrs.


Leave the Groe, cross the pedestrian crossing and turn left and up the Strand towards the Wyeside Arts Centre. Follow the road bearing right and carefully cross Broad Street to the Lion Hotel. Turn left in front of the hotel and walk down the road, turn right into Castle street then turn right again into Castle Road. The castle mound is on your right, continue along Castle Road into Market Street and at the junction by the former Plough Hotel turn left into Brecon Road (B4520). 


Carefully follow the busy road up hill past The Co-op supermarket and continue on out of town for about 1 ½ miles. Pass the turn off for Tredegar and Erwood, it is possible to park here if you wish to avoid the walk along the roadside. Eventually you will come to a staggered cross roads, take the left lane down to a brook and continue through the gate with Wern-wyn farm house on your right. 

Go through a gate and walk up a steep rough track, continue on the grassy track to the gate at the top of the hill (Pic 1). Go through the gate and continue across moorland, following the well-defined track down into a narrow valley and over a little stream. When you reach Pant y Llyn pool leave the track and keeping the pool on your right (Pic 2), follow the curve of the pool and pick up a new track heading south west until you reach the tarmac road (Pic 3).

Turn left and continue along the road, until you meet a well defined bridle path (Pic 4) bearing left back across the moorland and crossing a small stream. Follow the track over the moorland (Pic 5) until you meet the finger-post marking the Wye Valley walk. Turn a sharp left and follow the Wye Valley walk back across the moorland, with wonderful views of the valley and river below you, (Pic 6) until you reach a lane. Either cross the lane and continue down a rough path or turn left and follow the lane down hill. Both lane and path meet again at a bend in the lane. Turn right and take the steep concreted track down hill under the trees. Bear left at each turn and go through the gate alongside the little cottage. Pass the cottage and head down towards the river, crossing on a small footbridge, and continuing up the surfaced lane. At the junction take the right hand lane and continue back into town on Newry Road. Turn right into Castle Road, passing the Castle mound on your left and retracing your route back to the Groe.


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