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Builth Wells Town Walk: Penddol Rocks

Builth Wells Town Walk: Penddol Rocks

Distance: 2.5 Miles 

Duration: 45 mins


Gates and stiles.


Follow the River Wye through the Groe Park (Pic 1) to the confluence of the Wye and Irfon at the Aber Pool. Follow the path alongside the Irfon up to the Suspension Bridge (Pic 2). Cross the bridge, turn sharp right under the trees along a dirt path and through a gate. Follow the right hand hedge around the field to the Aber Pool. Bear left and follow the Wye through the fields up to the lovely Penddol Rocks and cascades (Pic 3). It’s possible to scramble down to the riverbed in places and walk along it if it’s been dry and the river is low (Pic 4). 

At the end of the field climb over the stile and into the trees, the river is fast here as it tumbles over the rocks, do not be tempted to swim, and keep dogs out of the river. 

Turn left at the little greed shed called ‘The Rocks’ or continue through the trees and take the next left. Follow the grassy track down to the lane, bear left along the lane back towards the Suspension Bridge and retrace your steps to the Groe Park.

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