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knighton, Ffrydd Wood and The Elan Valley Pipeline

knighton, Ffrydd Wood and The Elan Valley Pipeline

Distance: 2.5 miles


From the clock tower commence up the High Street, turning left along Castle Road.

Fork left and after a few yrds swing right down a surfaced path with railings to the left. 

Cross the first lane and continue downhill to then turn right onto a second lane.

This lane soon becomes a surfaced path leading between cottages on the right and a stream to the left. 

In 500yrds rejoin a lane which you then follow to the main road. (1)


Turn left, cross the main road and head up the minor road to the right of the garage.

Continue uphill for half a mile.

Turn left over a stile opposite the farm house to your right. (2)

Follow the track over the field to the next stile and then keep straight.

Commence down the slope with the  aqueduct of the Elan Valley to your left.

Climb the stile in the corner and enter into the woods.


Follow the edge of the woods with the stile to your left.

Follow the broad track downhill, ignoring the path to your right. 

At the bottom of the track turn right on to the lane and commence uphill, 

After 150yds, cross the Offas Dyke Path. (3)


Alternative Ending ( Turn left onto Offas Dyke path and follow down to the main road. Turn left onto Larkey Lane, cross the car park into Broad Street and commence uphill to the Clock Tower)


(3) Continue uphill till you reach the bend in the lane, go over the stile to the left of the gate, follow the track over the field as it veers to the left

(4) Go to the left of the red brick building situated above the pipeline, then turning right commence carefully down the steep slope to the gate.


Continue downhill on a narrow enclosed path to the main road.

Turn left and join the Ludlow Road. 

Continue to the Town Centre and the Clock Tower


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