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Knighton, Stowe, Five Turnings & Offas Dyke Path

Knighton, Stowe, Five Turnings & Offas Dyke Path

Start: Offa's Dyke Centre 

Distance: 7.5 miles 


From Offa's Dyke Centre go half left across the recreation ground and down the steps. Go ahead to further steps and the riverside path. Turn right and follow the path to the road. 

Continue with the Cemetery to the right and then swing right and then left to the Church. Here keep left and continue down to the main road. Turn left and cross the river and railway and then turn right on the Clun Road. 

In 50 metres take the footpath into Kinsley Wood and follow it for 112 mile to reach a forestry road. Turn left and in 50 metres at a horseshoe bend go right down some steps and into the field. Go ahead to the footbridge and soon go over a stile to the Clun Road (1). 

Take the gate, opposite and go along the field edge with the hedge to left. After 200 metres go through the gate and stay in the same direction with the hedge now to the right. At the top of the third field go through the gate, cross the track and go down the field. 

At the bottom go through the gate and turn right on a farm track which continues to the road. 

Turn left uphill and at the top turn left with Stowe Church to your left (2).

Continue on this track and in 1,4 mile pass through a gate3. 

Keep to the main track which at first has woods to the right and in a further 1,4 mile of gentle ascent pass a pond on your left and go through the gate. The track now winds steeply uphill and 50 yards after it levels out bear half left across the field passing well to the left of a further pond. 

Turn left just before the stile (3) and go through several fields keeping the fence to your right and maintaining the same direction. After about a mile the track becomes enclosed and eventually brings you to the Clun Road again at Five Turnings (4). 

Go through the left of two gates opposite and along a grassy track which can be wet in places. After 300 metres cross a stile to the right of an iron gate and negotiate a wet area. 

Now go diagonally up the field to a gap between a copse to the left and a tree belt to the right. At the fence corner go ahead on a grassy track with a fence to the left soon making a detour to the right to avoid a wet area. Go through the gate and in 200 metres (yds) turn left on Offa's Dyke Path (5) which you follow back to Knighton.

 The next stile has barns to the right. Continue with fence to left and in a good 112 mile pass a Memorial Cairn and Commemorative Seat. Cross the next stile and go down the slope. 

Soon after trees to the left give way to a field the path turns right and goes down the grassy slope and then through trees to the road. Cross the stile opposite and at the hedge corner turn left and soon cross the railway and footbridge. Keep the river to your left and after three kissing gates continue on a wide path and soon go up the steps on the right. Go half left to further steps and then return to Offa's Dyke Centre. 

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