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Llandrindod Wells: Howey Circular Walk

Llandrindod Wells: Howey Circular Walk

This is a 7km (4.5 mile) circular walk. It is graded as EASY. There is minimal climbing. It starts and finishes at the Llandrindod Lake where the facilities include parking, a restaurant and public toilets. 

As with all the walks around Llandrindod, the paths can be muddy and slippery in wet weather when stout shoes or boots are advisable. As the area is very much sheep country, dogs should only be taken if they are on leads and under close control. 

This is a low level walk over farm and open land with an opportunity for a pub stop in Howey. It gives good views cross the Ithon Valley towards the Wye Valley. Before the railway came to Llandrindod, the address of dwellings in Llandrindod was ‘near Howey’ because Howey was the larger settlement. Before the railway came to Llandrindod, the address of dwellings in Llandrindod parish was ‘Near Howey’ because Howey was the larger settlement. 

There is a car park, a restaurant and public toilets at the Lake and two public houses and a Post Office/general store in Howey so it is possible to park and start the walk from either place. Before the railway reached Llandrindod, the address of dwellings in Llandrindod parish was ‘Near Howey’ because Howey was the larger settlement. 

1. From the Llandrindod Lake Restaurant go left around the lake. After 300 metres, next to an information sign on your left, pass through a metal kissing gate on to a tarmac track. Follow this track, first tarmac, then mud and later a grassy slope, up the hill, always bearing to your right. Just before a green fingerpost, turn sharp right onto a muddy path into the woods. After 100m there is a wooden kissing gate. Follow the path for another 500metres until you reach a crosstrack. Here turn sharp left, through a wooden gate into a field. Turn sharp right and follow the path up the hill towards the church, keeping the fence on your right. Pass to the right of the telegraph pole and go through a wooden gate onto the road, opposite the Church car park. [You can return to Llandrindod Lake by turning down the hill.] 

The church was the original Church of the Trinity which was built in the 1500s, on an earlier holy site. A Celtic fertility carving called a Sheela na Gig was found on the site during Victorian renovations. The Sheela na Gig is now in the Radnorshire Museum in Llandrindod. 

2. To continue the walk, go across the road, past the Church car park and through the wooden gate at the left of the churchyard. Go through the churchyard and a metal gate, turn sharp right and follow the churchyard wall to a gate with steep steps down to a track by a large hopper. Turn left on the track for 100 metres, pass through a metal gate and turn sharp right. Follow the track and at the next gate take the left fork. Climb steadily, first left, then right along a grassy track to another gate. Continue straight ahead and at the fingerpost, bear half left to a stile in the fence ahead. Continue ahead to the next gate and a stile at the end of a wall. There are remains of old lead mines on each side of the path. It is said that lead was mined here by the Romans, but these remains are from Edwardian workings before 1914. 

3. Go straight ahead to the finger post and another 80metres to a metal gate, then bear left down towards an electricity pole. At a natural crossroads and finger post on the path, turn sharp right. Follow the path up and down a slope then bear left. The path follows a fence and after a short distance comes to a stile. Cross the stile, turn sharp right and follow the track through a gate onto the road. Walk down this road (Chapel Road), past Brynhir Chapel until reaching a row of houses on your right. [If you continue down the road you come to Howey where there is a pub, PO and parking. 

4. Turn right at the sign post and row of houses. After 100metres there is a track and a row of houses on your left. Continue to the end of the track, pass through a kissing gate and head diagonally across the field to a clump of Scots Pine. Climb the stile and again head diagonally across the field to the far left corner. There cross the stile, turn left and cross two further stiles, keeping the hedge on your left. Go right between two hedges for a few metres and then bear half left to the next stile. Follow the right hand boundary of the next two fields to a gate and pass onto a track. On your way along the track you can see the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Pentrosfa Mire Nature Reserve on your left, where you are welcome to pass some time. There is an information sign at the entrance. You might even see our rare Crested Grebe! You can obtain a leaflet from the Llandrindod TIC. 

5. Pass through two more gates. Turn right at the small fingerpost just before Llandrindod Hall. Bear left at the next fingerpost, cross the stile and descend to the track, heading towards the large hopper. Climb the steps through the gate and retrace your steps through the churchyard. You now have the option of either following the road down to the Lake, or crossing the road, going through the gate and going back to the wood. There go through the gate but now continue straight ahead down the path, through the wood down to the Lake. There walk back to the Lake Restaurant for tea.

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