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Llanfechain Circular Trail

Llanfechain Circular Trail

Area: Llanfechain

Distance: 2.6 Miles (4.18km)

Difficulty: Moderate (as defined by LS website)

Duration: 1.5/2 hours


Brief Summary: Medium difficulty walk through farmland. 4 stiles and some uneven terrain.

  • Description:

    This is a 2.6 mile walk from the centre of Llanfechain making use of the public footpaths through the rolling countryside to the south of the village. A medium difficulty walk on some uneven terrain. 80m of meandering ascent and descent. Stout boots and waterproofs essential.


    1. From Llanfechain Community Centre and Shop start walk look across playing field to its left side boundary where you will see a gap. Cross the playing fields to public footpath leading to B4393 main road. Cross the road to the Soar Chapel directly in front of you and face enclosed lane.


    2. Just beyond the Soar Chapel to the left of the lane is the start of the public footpath. Walk through a waymarked kissing gate along the field edge to a waymarked gate at the far end. past the gate, traverse an old railway embankment to stile and once over the stile follow the field boundary south to opening in hedge.


    3. Walk across next field to field gate opening then alter course slightly to your left towards the river and footbridge. Once across the bridge alter course south easterly to waymarked field gate.


    4. Walk up field and enter Bryncynfelin farmyard by field gate. Walk through yard past house to waymarked field gate and turn left through horse paddocks to waymarked metal wicket gate at end of field.


    5. Past wicket gate walk along field boundary and turn left through waymarked kissing gate. Heading in a  north westerly direction, walk down the field to waymarked metal wicket gate next to field gate.


    6. Turn slightly to your right and head in a northerly direction to stile. Once over the stile you will see a field gate with metal wicket gate to the side to the right of the house. Walk through metal wicket gate and along lane to public road.


    7. Turn left and walk along public road to B4393 main road. At the junction look left and you will see a public footpath sign post pointing towards a driveway with black gates on the opposite side of the road. Cross to the driveway and using the pedestrian gate to the left of the main gate enter drive way and walk to Brongain farm entrance passing the stables with clock tower. 


    8.At the farm entrance look left and you will see a kissing gate. Walk through kissing gate and walk across field to metal wicket gate. Once through gate turn left and follow field boundary into next field and continue along side of field to waymarked field gate.


    9. Cross field to stile. from here you will see village and cross field to stile and enter narrow footpath and down steps to road. turn left.


    10. Follow road around perimeter of church to Plas yn Dinas Public House on your left. As you round the corner you will see the community centre in front of you.

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