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Newbridge on Wye

Newbridge on Wye

This is a 7km (4.5 mile) circular walk. It is graded as EASY. There is minimal climbing. The walk starts from the PO in the village of Newbridge on Wye, which is 5km to the south west of Llandrindod on the A470 and can be reached by public transport from Llandrindod Railway Station (journey times 10 mins.) The walk finishes at the Llandrindod Lake where the facilities include parking, a restaurant and public toilets. 

As with all the walks around Llandrindod, the paths can be muddy and slippery in wet weather when stout shoes or boots are advisable. As the area is very much sheep country, dogs should only be taken if they are on leads and under close control. 

This is a low level riverside and country walk which returns to Llandrindod through the Rock Park, having passed an interesting 13th century church at Disserth. 

Boots or strong shoes are recommended, as some of the paths are steep and can be muddy in wet weather. Definitely not suitable for wheel chairs – there are a total of 28 stiles on this walk! 

(1) At the New Inn turn towards Llandrindod Wells turn onto B4358 Approx. 100 metres beyond garage, climb the stile in right hand hedge. Cross field to another stile in left hand corner by telegraph pole. Continue direction to scale another stile in top left hand corner of field. Continue down next field walking parallel to right hedge. Cross a stile in bottom right hand corner. Take note of direction indicated by waymark arrow and aim for a point just to the left of two large oak trees ahead. Cross stream on stepping stones and climb stile on bank ahead. Maintain direction across field and climb another stile at a junction of paths. 

Turn left, negotiate another stile and continue with the fence line on you left. In bottom left hand field corner, walk to the left of a small copse of trees and with a farm track over fence on your left. Cross this track via two more stiles and walk uphill to enter a wood over yet another stile. 

(2) Continue ahead on the path with fence on your right and proceed carefully down steep slope using steps provided to the River Ithon. Follow path as it turns left alongside river. Turn right to cross a small footbridge, still walking alongside the river and cross field to reach the road over another stile. Turn right on road to cross bridge over the river where herons or kingfishers can sometimes be seen. 

(3) Turn right to visit Disserth Church, which still has its boxed pews and a three deck pulpit, or left over stile to continue walk. 

Proceed uphill with hedge line on your left to pass through gate in top left hand corner of field. Again continue ahead alongside left hand hedge line and cross another stile in bottom left hand field corner. Walk a short distance across the corner of next field to climb a stile in left hand fence line. Walk diagonally, as indicated by waymark arrow, across next field, which can be very muddy in wet weather. Enter a small copse of trees via a metal footbridge over a stream. At the other side of the copse, cross another stile alongside a wooden gate. Skirt around the hedge line to another stile in the right hand fence line. Continue ahead with the fence line on your right, passing beneath overhead power cables. Climb stile in top right hand field corner and then maintain direction on farm track. When track veers left, clamber over stile in right hand fence and follow right hand hedge line. 

Climb stile in left hand field corner next to metal gate. Cross diagonally right over farm track and take stile opposite. Follow left hand fence line and cross another stile alongside metal gate. Now follow right hand hedge line, pass through metal gate and continue ahead on grassy track. Climb the stile next to a metal gate and continue following the left hand hedge line. In the top left hand corner of this large field, cross over stile into a copse of mainly conifer trees. Follow path through copse and cross another stile into a second large field. Cross field, aiming for a metal gate ahead, and traverse the stile alongside the gate. 

(4) In this field you are crossing an ancient Roman Road which ran south from the Roman Camp of Castell Collen just to the north of Llandrindod Wells. Follow the left hand fence line and cross a stile to the right of metal sheep pens. 

(5) The field immediately to your left, and several north of it, were the site of Roman Military Practice Works where Roman soldiers were taught to build forts and camps. This was the largest known site in the whole of the Roman Empire. 

Follow the track, passing a corrugated iron shed on the right. Go through another metal gate onto farm track and turn right over railway bridge to the road. Turn left on A483 main road and continue north into Llandrindod Wells passing Ridgebourne Inn on left and a Texaco garage on right. Turn left down the side of Grosvenor Stores and pass under railway bridge. Take track to the right by ‘No Through Road’ sign. 

(6) Continue on track alongside wooden garden fencing, past playing fields on right, and into Rock Park. Cross over tarmac path by lamp post and follow sweeping path ahead which leads down to a substantial wooden bridge over the stream. Turn right and follow the stream to a set of steps leading up to the Montpellier Park road. Turn left and at the main road turn right. Cross over, take the next road left and then go straight ahead on a path which leads to the Lake Restaurant.

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