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Pontrobert Circular Walk / Llangyniew Community Walk

Pontrobert Circular Walk / Llangyniew Community Walk

Area: Pontrobert

Distance: 4.87 miles / 7.85 Km

Graded: Moderate

Duration: 4 hours


Summary: A walk through farmland and woodland using field paths, tracks and quiet roads. There are some gentle uphill sections.

  • Description:

    The walk starts and finishes at the Hen Gapel John Hughes in Pontrobert, which is also the finishing point of the Ann Griffiths Walk, a promoted Powys trail.


    From the chapel car park turn left and walk the short distance to the end of the road and take a signposted footpath ahead into a wooded dingle, then cross a stile into a field. Follow the field edge straight ahead to another stile and continue ahead along the top of a slope above a steep dingle to a set of steps up to a road.


    Turn left at the road and follow it for about 500 metres as far as a signposted track sloping away gently downhill to the left, through a gate. Follow the track the short distance to the ruins of Bryngwyn. Go through a field gate to the right of the ruins, and follow the path (indistinct) across the fields via a further  field gate to the edge of Coed Rhos woodland. Enter the woodland through a small pedestrian gate.


    Walk ahead from the gate to a waymark post, then turn right on a clear track through the woods for about 750 metres, passing two waymark posts, as far as a 4-way waymark post at the side of the track. Turn right at the waymark post and walk along a woodland path (waymarked where tracks cross it), as far as a large gate at the woodland boundary.


    Go through the gate and walk straight ahead beside a hedgerow as far as a waymark post. Turn right at the post through a gap in the hedgerow, crossing the next field to a ditch, where there is another waymark post. Cross the ditch and continue up the field to a stile. Go over the stile and head downhill through the next field to Rhos Pen Bwa farm. Walk straight ahead between the house and the farm buildings, going through two field gates, then ahead along the edge of a small field to a stile. Go over the stile then across the next field to a field gate into a road.


    Go straight over the road to another field gate opposite, through that and then ahead, bearing slightly left, to a small pedestrian gate in the field corner. Continue through the next field, the path following a hedgerow, to a gate at another road. Turn right at the road and follow the road for about 750 metres until coming to a signpost and stile in the roadside hedge to the right. Go over the stile and follow the waymarks along the field edges to Pen-y-caeau farm.


    Turn right at the farm through two field gates and follow a clear track along a ‘green lane’, then along the edges of Top Wood and Coed Mawr, and continuing beyond, going through several field gates (in all about one and a half kilometres from Pen-y-caeau) until meeting Glyndwr’s Way National Trail to the north of Dolobran Hall. Turn right and follow Glyndwr’s Way back into Pontrobert, and  then return to Hen Gapel John Hughes to complete the walk.

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