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Trefeglwys Circular Walk

Trefeglwys Circular Walk

Area: Trefeglwys

Distance: 3 miles/5km

Graded: Moderate.

Duration: 1 ½ hours


Summary: A largely level and easy walk on farmland and riverside with a short section of main road and some minor roads with gentle uphill sections affording splendid views with one steeper downhill section back down to the village.

  • Description:

    The walk starts and finishes at the Old Post Office opposite St Michaels Church in the centre of Trefeglwys


    Facing the church, turn right and follow the main road south towards Llanidloes for a distance of 350 metres until you cross the River Trannon. Leaving the road, follow the direction of the fingerpost to the left onto a long and winding riverside walk. Continue for about 1,300 meters, passing through various gates, until you leave the fields through a pedestrian gate next to a cattle grid. Turn left onto the minor road which takes you back to the northern end of Trefeglwys. At the village, turn right along the main road and along the pavement to Gleiniant Chapel, less than 200 metres away. 


    Passing the chapel, walk over the road bridge and immediately turn left along the minor road alongside the Gleiniant Brook. Follow this road curving gently to the left for 400 metres, until a fingerpost guides you through a pedestrian gate up some concrete steps to the left. Follow the track up through the wooded area to a field gate and, passing through, turn left along the field edge above the wooded dingle. Continue through another three pedestrian gates bringing you into an extensive garden area. Exit to the left, as guided by the way-mark post, through a field gate onto a minor road. Cross the road and follow the direction indicated by the fingerpost opposite, through the field gate. The path diagonally crosses the field to the far hedge then, remaining within the field, turn right as pointed by the fingerpost and make your way across the field to a kissing gate. Cross the next field to another kissing gate and turn left, following the hedgerow down to a field gate. Pass through and, keeping the right hand hedge close by, climb the gentle slope to a field gate on the brow of the hill. Pause for breath and to take in the panoramic view of the village below and the Trannon Valley and beyond.


    Pass through the gate and descend down the hedgerow to a pedestrian gate in the lower right corner of the field. Follow the steep path down between the gardens to emerge onto the roadside opposite the church once again.

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