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Muddy Wellies
Rainy Days in Powys

Ah, the Welsh wet weather, we are renowned for it…maybe a little unfairly, it doesn’t always rain here, we also have glorious sunshine, billowing winds and fresh crisp snow.


Maybe we got this reputation because when it rains, it properly rains, soaked to the bone, windscreen wipers to the max, hair dripping rain.

This “Welsh Weather” is the reason why our valleys and mountains are so green, why our lakes are so deep and mysterious and why we are one of the top places to take part in water sports in the UK.


So let’s have a think, what really is the worst case scenario…


You’re here on holiday, you’ve had glorious sun and suddenly on the third day the clouds amass and the heavens open… there’s still plenty to do, indoor activity centres, museums, cafes, places to take the kids, places to go with no kids… or the alternative…you just get a bit wet and make the most of splashing in puddles.


Now the odd passing shower won’t make much difference if you’re mountain biking or white water rafting. But otherwise there are plenty of fascinating places to keep you busy for an hour or two while you’re waiting for the sun to come out again. So fascinating, in fact, it’s a shame to save them up for rainy days. The Judge’s Lodging at Presteigne is worth a trip even if its cracking the flagstones outside.


You’ll know you’re in “one of the world’s most appealing small museums” from the moment you walk through the front door and smell the paraffin lamps. The Hall at Abbey-Cwm-Hir is another Victorian time capsule – 52 rooms stuffed with marble fireplaces, Rococo ceilings and so much paraphernalia that, in the words of author Simon Jenkins, “it explodes into rampant kitsch”.


He should see the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Berriew. It’s the only museum in Europe dedicated to a living artist. And among many other works of decadence, exuberance and excess, it contains a sculpture called the Cosmic Egg.


We can’t promise sunshine, and we won’t promise rain… but we do promise that you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied no matter what the weather. 

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