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Year of Discovery


Welcome to the Year of Discovery. 

discovery /dɪˈskʌv(ə)ri/


1. the action or process of discovering or being discovered.

discovery /dɪˈskʌv(ə)ri/



2019 has been set as the Year of Discovery and we want you to pack your bags (physical and virtual) and come on a journey with us. 

We want to take the year of discovery and not only encourage you to discover the beautiful landscapes, rivers mountains and woodlands that we have within Mid Wales but to also use our location to discover yourself … 

Maybe you will lace up some walking boots and set off across countryside whilst serenaded by bird song, look up at the V shaped tail of a red kite soaring above you and discover that deep within yourself is a budding ornithologist.

Perhaps you will sit at the banks of the River Wye relaxing with your feet dabbling in the cool waters and remembering the lyrical tale of the Three Sisters and their very different journeys to the sea. Perhaps, you will be inspired to follow them in their journeys and walk over hill and vale to the sandy shores, or perhaps you will write something yourself, inspired by the old Welsh tale and the bubbling waters.


Could it be you that discovers your bravery? ...that this year decides that fear has no place in your life and that you will no longer be intimidated by heights, that decides to choose to see the sights of Mid Wales from the skies and books a paragliding lesson. 

Maybe 2019 is the year that you make time to discover mindfulness, that you sit in a self catered  Welsh wooden cabin in the middle of a grassy paradise, surrounded by bleating lambs, birds calling from the trees and soaring in the skies, cwtching down into the comfort of the large armchair with a Merino Woolly blanket strung across your legs, watching as the sun sets behind the distant hills - feeling exactly in the moment and appreciating every second. 


We want you to take the time to discover who you are when you visit us!

Are you the same person that works long hours in a busy office, becoming frustrated with technology when you are here wearing your muddy wellies,  sheep trekking across the green lands of the Brecon Beacons ? 

 Are you braver?, more experimental? will you try different foods or activities ? 

Discover how you do Mid Wales and then let us know… we can’t wait to hear from you. Instagram us your images, tweet us your thoughts and Facebook share with us your discoveries. 


#MidWalesMyWay #DiscoverPowys  

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