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Respect, Protect and Enjoy

Mid Wales 

Croeso, Welcome to Mid Wales

We want your stay in Mid Wales to be a fantastic one, 


We really appreciate our visitors, residents and businesses who have followed the stay home and stay local guidance and helped us to keep our rural communities safe.

Wales is now open and looking forward to the return of holidays for visitors from the UK

Please continue to follow the safety guidance, the Covid 19 restrictions and guidance within Wales, Please help us to respect, protect and enjoy the countryside and communities that we all love. 


Lets take a step back into the great outdoors, but let’s make sure that that big step leaves behind  no footprints.

Please discover and explore our country responsibly, leave no trace behind, be cautious, plan before you arrive, make alternative plans if an area seems too busy. be sensitive to our countryside and communities , continue safety and hygiene practises. Respect, protect and enjoy!


We know its been a long time since you have been able to “ come home again to Wales” and we are so glad to welcome you back, there is a whole lot of discovery, adventure, activity and relaxation to be had here, we can’t wait to hear all about how you are discovering Powys and Mid Wales ‘Your Way’

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Share your Journey with us tag us @MidWalesMyWay 

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