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Elan Valley Autumn.jpg



If it's possible the landscape of Mid Wales becomes even more spectacular at this time of year.

A simple drive between towns treats you to views of heather-soaked hills, rushing rivers and streams, and naturally created tunnels between ancient trees with their heavy burdens of leaves scattering in the chilled winds.


Golden afternoon lights caress the tops of hills in the late autumn sunshine,

Puddles of rainwater on the ground await the jump from a pair of muddy wellies.

Leaves dance on the pavements in towns, whilst in fields and woodlands, they haphazardly arrange themselves into piles waiting to be kicked into the air and to float silently back into a carpet of gold and red before being crunched and trampled by adventurers boots


The water in the reservoirs and lakes begins to rise, the salmon make their journey upstream, leaping waterfalls and swimming to the promise of calmer waters.


Winter woollies find their way to the front of the wardrobe, ready for layering up,

There’s more of a chill in the air in the mornings, the first cup of coffee isn’t just a treat now...its a necessity, it reaches your soul whilst you look out at the frost-tipped hills and valleys.


Our dark skies roll in that little bit earlier each day.

The log burners in the cosy holiday lets and b&bs become even more satisfying to sit beside whilst you enjoy some of the amazing food and drink that is on offer from artisan shops, independents, farmer's markets and food festivals.


Fantastic firework displays, crackling bonfires, cravings for hot chocolate with squidgy marshmallows and dazzling star-filled dark skies.

Autumn has well and truly landed in Mid Wales

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