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Mouth Watering

Food and Drinks in Powys

It’s official – Wales is one of the top three gastro-tourism destinations in the world. And here in the green heart of Wales, our clean mountain air, unpolluted streams and lush countryside produce food that’s as good as it gets anywhere.


Food in Mid Wales has muddy footprints, not carbon footprints. So the fruit and veg at our farmers markets is so fresh it still has the morning dew on it. You can taste the hill herbs in our succulent lamb and our Welsh mountain mutton.


That’s why our chefs, even the ones with Michelin stars, like to keep it simple. They let the food speak for itself. We should all raise a glass to that. Because the beer, cider, wine and whisky are local too.


Farmers Markets

Good food is never in short supply in Mid Wales, a part of the world which prides itself on being a source of some of the finest produce in Wales, click below for a list of the farmers markets in Powys.

For more details on Farmers Markets across Powys please click here

Blas Cambrian Taste


Blas Cambrian Taste is an initiative promoting local food and drink businesses along The Cambrian Way from Cardiff to Llandudno. It is divided into four main areas and includes places to buy and experience local food and drink including shops, delis, producers, markets, food festivals,cafes, pubs, restaurants and food and drink experiences.

To download the Blas Cambrian Taste map please click here

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