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Monumental Whereabouts

History and Heritage in Powys

History in Powys isn't about what happened long ago, It's not about dates and dusty remains. It's about the here and now.

Don't just read about our ancestors in books. See what they saw, touch what they touched, walk a mile in their shoes. Or in the case of Offa's Dyke Path National Trail, you can walk 177 miles. Ride our steam railways, cruise our canals, explore our tram roads and drovers' paths. Stroll the pleasure gardens of our Victorian spa towns, marvel at the great stone dams of Elan Valley and Vyrnwy and the landscapes they created.

And when it comes to museums, here in Powys we're not too keen on the "look but don't touch" approach to history, You won't find museums like this anywhere else in Britain. That's because they're devoted to local heroes like the Robert Owen Memorial Museum in Newtown. They reflect the quirks and eccentricities of true enthusiasts.

Then there are our castles... some of them started life as stark medieval fortresses. They became sumptuous family homes where the rich and powerful could display a love of architecture, gardening and the arts. The Romans, the Mercians and the Normans all came, saw what they liked and built fortresses to stake their claim.