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Lakes, Rivers & Reservoirs 

Lakes, Rivers & Reservoirs 

It’s one of the great glories of Mid Wales that you can't go far without encountering water. Clear mountain streams, boulder-strewn rivers, glacial lakes, stupendous reservoirs, and tranquil canals, we've got them all.

Welcome to Powys, where our waterways are nothing short of magical. Nestled in the heart of Mid Wales, our region is blessed with an abundance of aquatic treasures that beckon explorers, dreamers, and nature lovers.

Sparkling like liquid crystal, our mountain streams wind their way through ancient woodlands, inviting you to dip your toes and immerse yourself in their refreshing embrace.

Discover the secrets they carry from the heights of the Cambrian Mountains.

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Powys boasts an exquisite network of rivers, each with its own unique character.

Whether you're angling in the tranquil waters of the Wye, kayaking down the playful Usk, or enjoying a peaceful riverside walk, our waterways invite you to reflect, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature. 

Our rivers are the storytellers of the land, flowing through picturesque valleys and carving their paths through the ages. Follow their meandering course, and you'll find not just water but history, myth and legend etched in every stone.

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Our glacial lakes, with their deep, cool waters, glisten like sapphires amidst the rugged landscape. They are more than just scenic vistas; they are windows into the ancient past, inviting you to pause and ponder.

Majestic and tranquil, our reservoirs offer a unique blend of awe-inspiring beauty and peaceful retreats. Whether you seek solitude or adventure, you'll find it here, on the shores of these colossal water bodies.

For those who seek solitude and pristine wilderness, our reservoirs are a hidden gem. Surrounded by lush greenery, these serene bodies of water offer the perfect escape. Pack a picnic, hike the surrounding trails, or simply unwind by the water's edge. Our reservoirs are your haven of peace.

Our canals are quiet, watery arteries that connect communities and history. Take a leisurely stroll along their banks, or navigate their gentle currents by boat, and you'll be transported to a bygone era.

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